Our communications training and capacity-building programs are tailored to meet your needs.

Communications Capacity Building – Topos Training and Technical Assistance

Deep and lasting change depends on all of us – leaders, communicators, the public – sharing perspectives about the progress we’d like to see. At Topos, we don’t believe it’s helpful to simply rewrite a press release, or hand over talking points for communicators to trot out. Instead, our communications capacity building work is about helping issue leaders identify and internalize ways of talking – and thinking – that are most compelling to people, so that their own communications are more effective tomorrow and the day after that.

From Strategy to Action

Topos has extensive experience working alongside advocates, civic engagement professionals, grassroots organizers, campaigns, candidates, communicators and non-communicators alike, to develop effective communications strategies and co-create communications applications that reflect our research insights and help move the issue conversation forward. Subtle nuance in strategy, message and tactics can make the difference between a strategic leap forward and a misstep.

Options to suit your needs

Depending on the challenge, objectives and budget, Topos can tailor a program to meet your needs and help you take your communications to the next level. We use all of the following approaches, and more, to help organizations develop the tools and the habits that will help them better engage their audiences:

  • Workshops
  • Online trainings
  • Practice sessions
  • Document markups/rewrites

Leveraging Topos Research and Social Science Expertise

Topos capacity-building work draws on our 20+ years of experience studying how Americans think, feel, talk and act across a wide range of public interest topics – from race and ethnicity to sustainable food, global warming, money in politics, the role of government and unions in American life, early childhood development, the arts, commercial sexual exploitation, age discrimination and many more. Our work developing strategies in a range of issue areas has led to a number of best practices all communicators can deploy.

And like our research, our capacity building work is informed by deep expertise in the cognitive and social sciences – the basis for everything we do.

We look forward to talking with you about how to build your own communications capacity so that you can go out and shift the landscape!