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Supplemental Security Income

The Problem

Supplemental Security Income – for disabled and elderly people with few financial resources – is a program most Americans aren’t specifically familiar with, and that can be subject to the same skepticism as other government programs that help people who need it. Is it really going to the “right people”? Can we “afford it”? Is there a lot of “fraud” etc.?

The Solution

As with other programs, it is helpful to frame SSI as a program we built for good reasons – and to “play offense” by helping people see the program needs updating order to help more people not fewer. SSI is for situations where no-one could reasonably expect recipients to meet basic needs through work, and is currently designed more to keep people out (through long waits, difficult application processes etc.) than to help in the situations it was designed for. This research shows that these lenses on the topic help people take a constructive and supportive view.