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Events of note in the world of strategic framing and communications – from the Topos perspective

Framing Science Brief 2: Metaphors

Metaphors can be indispensable tools for conveying complex or abstract ideas in simple, vivid and sticky ways. This Framing Science Brief discusses the power of metaphorical language and imagery, and the challenge of getting it right.

Read and download it here.

Framing Science Brief 1: Negating Doesn’t – The Downsides of Refutation

Negate rectangle art Topos

Many communicators have been advised to avoid repeating opponents’ arguments.

They have also been advised to knock down false or misleading claims rather than let them stand.

So is there any evidence one way or the other to help us decide which communications approach is more effective?

Topos begins our new series of Framing Science Briefs with a short piece that addresses the dilemma, “to explicitly refute or not to explicitly refute” – and points readers to some of the cognitive science research that bears on this choice.

Spoiler alert: There is lots of evidence that negating or refuting a statement is less effective than we think  – and it can even end up reinforcing exactly the wrong perspectives.

Read and download the whole thing here.

Topos is Hiring – Researchers and Analysts Needed

Interviewing in Chula Vista 2

Topos Partnership is adding to our pool of analysts, interviewers and field researchers to contribute to our work on effective public advocacy. A typical Topos project explores and analyzes how Americans think about topics related to various important public interest issues (economic, environmental, racial, etc.), and entails a combination of research methods including field ethnography, open-ended surveys, in-depth interviewing (by phone and in person), online group discussions, and so on. Analysts and researchers help gather this data, and help develop the insights and advice that let our clients understand and change public perspectives.

The positions that are currently available are project-based, and enlist individuals based on unique skills and experience, including location. Topos is a networked organization with staff nationwide, and we welcome those who desire or require flexible schedules. Significant experience in social science research is a plus, but we also encourage those who bring diverse experience in issues advocacy, activism, community organizing and other forms of public outreach and engagement.

If you are interested in working with Topos, please follow this link to our application questionnaire:

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