Economy Boosting Jobs + Raising Minimum Wage

(C) flickr user Simon Bak

People all over the nation — the world, even — are talking about federal proposals to raise the minimum wage. How we — and they — talk about it, and how the media covers it, will determine whether or not there are shifts in the way the public understands the impact of wages on their own community.

With renewed focus on raising the federal minimum wage, Topos is releasing a short memo with new information about communication approaches that broaden support for increasing minimum wage.

This memo reviews our recent research findings on how to clarify for people why raising the minimum wage is good for all of us. Our research finds that we can succeed by having a conversation that avoids the current dynamic pitting business against workers.  We need a conversation that is focused not on what businesses need, or on what individuals need, but on what all of us and our economy need.

The most effective organizing idea for this new conversation is that we simply can’t sustain our economy or our communities, with jobs that fail to compensate adequately. These economy-busting jobs are stalling our economy and our communities. Increasing the minimum wage boosts communities and the overall economy by providing more Americans with income to spend on the basics.

A variety of points help to support and flesh out this core idea.

Download the memo or read it online for more details, including information on ideas that fail because they trigger default perspectives that are a barrier to public understanding.