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Topos on Framing

Topos’ unique and innovative approach synthesizes expertise from the cognitive and social sciences as well as public opinion. Most of the insights and examples in this post emerged from the research Topos principals have conducted for a wide range of organizations over the past 10 or more years. Introduction Framing is a term that has […]

Values vs. Explanations in Advocacy

Issues & Values Progressive advocates increasingly accept what Conservatives have long recognized – that issue advocacy is often a competition between opposing value systems. Following on Thomas Kuhn’s groundbreaking work on paradigms, George Lakoff’s influential Moral Politics, for example, argued forcefully that conservatives and progressives inhabit radically different but equally coherent moral worlds, and that […]

Strategies for Debt Ceiling Talk and a Deficit of Understanding

From House Speaker Boehner’s warnings about the next debt ceiling debate to Mitt Romney’s addition of a debt clock prop to his campaign events, conservatives have signaled that they intend to make the federal deficit and government spending the focus of their economic message. In this short strategy memo, Topos offers advice for how progressives can […]

Trayvon Martin’s Death and the Media Dialogue

The tragic death of Trayvon Martin is sparking a much-needed dialogue about racism and the plight of black men, and commentators are turning to recent reports by the Topos Partnership for the Opportunity Agenda to help make the point.  In the Huffington Post, Duke University Professor Mark Anthony Neal notes this new research finds “correlations between media depictions […]

World’s First Game-Sourced Film Brings Topos Research to the Screen

This might be the coolest thing ever. Here’s the press release about this new film. When you watch, be sure to stay after the credits for the “behind-the-scenes” short video at the end. World’s First Game-Sourced Film Premieres Radius: A Short Film Utilizes Material Gathered Via SCVNGR Smartphone App Film Developed by Possible Worldwide in […]