When it comes to communication and engagement, every issue has its own unique set of opportunities and obstacles.


The Problem 

It makes sense to average citizens that we could improve government functions or save money by “privatizing,” that is by shifting things from the public sector to the private sector.  People have been told many times that private companies have to be efficient and innovative to survive, while governments are inefficient and waste our tax dollars.  So when politicians and businesses come up with a privatization scheme, they think, “Why not?  We can give that a try.”

The Solution 

When we draw people’s attention to the fact that we are handing over control of important public goods and responsibilities to private companies that may have their own interests at heart; when we point out that private sector efficiency comes about from competition, but privatization deals are often more like monopolies; when we talk about losing our voice in how things are done – then average people begin to look at privatization proposals with a much more critical and skeptical eye.

Working in partnership with In the Public Interest and the Ford Foundation, Topos has been developing communication resources for advocates who are pushing back against privatization schemes around the country.

Video: Privatization Reframe