Ford Foundation Jobs Quality Initiative

Leading researchers and advocates meet with Topos Partnership

Topos meeting with national leaders at Ford Foundation

Topos Partnership is pleased to embark on a national research project about good jobs for the Ford Foundation. Many organizations have been trying to communicate about the need to create a more progressive economy.  And advocacy groups work to build support for specific policies, such as paid leave, minimum wage, and so on.  However, the middle level that bridges policy and economy, the conversation about the quality of jobs in our economy, is largely missing.

Our  research will fill that gap and  help guide communications at this level, as advocates work to bring their policies under one, coordinated conversation. In coming months our research will include ethnography in several states, extended, cognitive interviewing with dozens of business and political leaders, and involve many hundreds of subjects in an effort to  develop a common sense message that can enter public discourse, bring disparate policy efforts under a common frame, and work toward changing cultural understanding of job quality.