• Arts and Community

    The arts thrive best with broad public support, but for that to happen people need to see the arts as a public good... Read More

  • Sustainable Food Systems

    Most Americans prefer not to look too closely at the damaging and unsustainable aspects of their food supply system... Read More

  • Public Structures in American Life

    Topos research shows that Americans’ dim view of Government is due in part to a conceptual blindness... Read More

  • Communicating Climate Change

    Despite decades of news coverage that uses the simplifying idea of a greenhouse effect, most Americans still don’t get it... Read More

  • Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

    Attitudes about proliferation change when we come to see our own nuclear weapons as a liability rather than an asset... Read More

  • Privatization

    There are serious consequences when we hand over control of public goods and institutions to private companies... Read More

Topos Partnership

When traditional tools aren’t enough

The Topos approach is designed to go beyond conventional research and strategy — which has often led advocates to a “plateau” of support that they can’t seem to get beyond — by taking into account the cognitive and cultural foundations of a public interest issue… more

  • Our Approach

    Transforming the landscape of public understanding

    Our Approach

Of the public opinion research projects I’ve been involved with, this effort with Topos was the most valuable. It has changed how we work, how we articulate our agenda and how we think about our work in profound and substantive ways. The concepts that came from the research have been embraced as core campaign strategies by advocates across the country.
– Donald Cohen, Executive Director, In the Public Interest